North West CATS
North West CATS

Small changes make a world of difference in Rochdale

March 5 2015

The smallest of changes can make the greatest impact and the team at Care UK’s Greater Manchester NHS Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (GMCATS) will be taking those all-important first steps in Rochdale on NHS Change Day on Wednesday March 11.

The day, which draws staff all over the country together in a massive movement to make changes in health services, began in 2012 following tweets between a GP and a lecturer – the first national day was held in 2013 and last year’s event built on that success.

On March 11 the team, based at the Royal Infirmary, will be asking patients what changes they would like to see to improve the service as well as coming up with their own pledges for change. Each change will be recorded on a light bulb and displayed on bunting in the unit’s reception area, in keeping with NHS Change Day’s logo and its pledge to “light up the country” with real action for change.

The team will also be giving their free time to bake biscuits and cakes that will be on sale, along with refreshments, throughout the day to raise money for Springhill Hospice, which the service supports through fundraising activities.

Customer care manager Katie Baxter said: “We know that the smallest changes to improve our service can make the greatest difference – speaking up a bit when calling a patient through to their appointment so that they can hear clearly, helping people with mobility difficulties to move around the unit – these are small considerations but they are often at the heart of what patients need. We will gather up all the suggestions our patients make and we will look at how we can use them to improve our service and our patients’ experience of care.”

GMCATS, commissioned by the 12 CCGs across Greater Manchester, consists of large mobile clinical units that rotate between sites around Greater Manchester, including Salford, Bolton, Belle Vue, Stockport and Oldham typically spending four or five days at each location before moving overnight. Patients are referred to the service by their GPs and can expect to receive quick access to treatment, fewer overall appointments, quicker diagnosis of their condition and better overall outcomes. In Rochdale, the unit is located in the car park on Union Street.

The team includes specialists in a range of areas, including urology, ear, nose and throat, gynaecology, musculoskeletal, minor surgery, gastroenterology and endoscopy. GMCATS also provides on-site diagnostics that use the very latest technology, including MRI, X-ray, ultrasound and CT scanning, so patients can often see a consultant and have any necessary diagnostic tests in the same appointment.