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Did you know that A&G is now a national CQUIN set by NHS England? Also, did you know that NWCATS have been offering this services for over 7 years? 
As a referring GP into NWCATS they can utilise our A&G anytime and we will ensure a consultant reviews their query and responds within 48 hours (matching the national standard).  It gives the GP the opportunity to have a  dialogue, clinician to clinician, and where necessary ensure appropriate referrals to NWCATS or secondary care.

For example, we recently had a GP with a patient under 18 that had recurrent otitis media, the GP contacted us as they were unsure of what to do next and as a result our consultant responded with a management plan for the GP.



Our appointment DNA rates have been falling since InHealth took control of the service, we have now reduced our rate by over half and are at 6%.

All our clinic bookings for ENT, Audiology, Gastroenterology, Podiatry and Physiotherapy our utilisation is up to around 90%.

In MSK the average referral rate to onward referral has also dropped from 15 weeks in August 2016 to under our target of 5 weeks in January 2018.

For North Manchester GPs referring to Time Limited Therapy (TLT), our appointment waits have now dropped from 6 weeks to 2 weeks.

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