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InHealth Streamline Services for Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Patients

InHealth Streamline Services for Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Patients

New and innovative ways of receiving care are now available for patients in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale (HMR) with InHealth NWCATS and partners. InHealth, the former CARE UK North West Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (NWCATS), is a revolutionary health care provider working in partnership with Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, BMI Highfield and GP Care Services Ltd. Their goal is to significantly streamline the patient journey from GP (or other healthcare professional) for tests, treatment and any onward referral if needed.

The initial five year contract with a value of £22m per annum, a full contract value of £110m, started in April 2017 and has been commissioned by NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).  Known as the IECP (Integrated Elective Care Pathway), this programme provides specialist services in:

  • Gastroenterology
  • Ear nose and throat (ENT)
  • Certain gynaecology services
  • Orthopaedics (MSK)
  • Urology

InHealth has now started the second stage of the service by launching a streamlined pathway for musculo-skeletal services (MSK).

The IECP works by having a new, single point of access, giving patients’ a faster referral process from their GP into the service. The system automatically logs the information and sends it on to one of the providers to be clinically triaged with InHealth for Gastroenterology, ENT, Urology and MSK.  Following triage the clinician will identify the most appropriate service with the lowest acuity pathway within the IECP HMR. The information is logged within the single point of access, the referral is then shortlisted and an appointment booked. The patient will then be sent their appointment confirmation letter.

Across the providers, our InHealth workforce includes a highly experienced team of clinical leads, consultants, nurse endoscopists, radiographer’s registered nurses, healthcare assistants and dieticians. Patients will now see benefits such as:

  • Weekend, early morning and evening appointments available where possible
  • Patient centred integrated services
  • Reduced follow-up outpatient appointments
  • Reductions in duplication of test and procedures.

Since January 2016, on average, 87% of InHealth NWCATS users rated their experience ‘excellent’, with 91% of patients being ‘extremely likely’ to recommend the service to friends and family. This level of patient satisfaction has been consistently high for 7 years, with numbers improving as more investments are made into this revolutionary healthcare service.

Dr Ray Ross, Medical Director at InHealth, said:

“The partnership is about providing a new and innovative way of delivering healthcare for the people of HMR. Patients will have the fastest and most efficient access to be seen, assessed, diagnosed and treated for their problems. It allows a truly local high quality healthcare that is good for patients, for staff and the healthcare economy. I believe it is the future of the NHS and we are proud that HMR is leading the way.”

For more information about the IECP work please click here

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